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Hello I’m Kelly

I have been lucky enough to be around animals all my life.  I grew up on a stud farm, being lucky enough to have my own pony, Mrs Tiggywinkle and our St Bernard dog, Emma. We also had cats, cattle, ducks, chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs so I am very aware how much love, care, and attention animals need.

Over the last decade I have carried out many voluntary roles; Dog walking for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People and The Cinnamon Trust, fostering dogs, organising home checks, carrying out and organising transport runs for Serbia’s forgotten paws (SFP) Carrying out many home checks for numerous animal charities, fundraisers for SFP and St Francis Animal Welfare (SFAW) and becoming one of the administrator that runs SFP.

New to the Titchfield Common area we soon appreciated that being so close to the sea while also having the woods and fields so close by made walking the dogs a lot of fun. After we adopted Bailey and subsequently Toby from SFAW it spurred me on and I took the decision in 2008 to start up my own dog walking business, going back to my roots.

2013 I travelled to Serbia to join a group of volunteers who work for the animal charity Serbia’s forgotten paws supporting and working to improve the lives of 500 shelter dogs. Upon my first trip to Nis one of the first dogs that we had the opportunity to help have a better life was Pluto, we sponsored him to stay with his Serbian foster dad, while he was then prepared to travel to the UK. Upon his arrival we soon found him a forever home in Southampton and a new name Rolo. Over the coming months I became and continue to be one of the administrator for SFP.

2014 We joined the “Failed foster” club and our Serbian special Oscar became our third resident rescue dog.

As you can see dogs for us are a way of life, rather than just a business