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Q: What services do you offer and which area’s do you cover?

A: We offer reliable dog walking and puppy relief visits for clients that would like to use our services on a regular weekly basis. We are based from Titchfield Common but also cover the area’s of Locks Heath, Park Gate, Sarisbury Green, Warsash as well as Titchfield Common.

Q: I have a new puppy and would like some one to pop in to break up its day.

A: We see that your puppy is safe and well, offering it some play time and if required feed its lunch. We will also clean up any accidents and replace any puppy training pads, if used.

Q: I'd like you to walk my dog, what happens next?

A: We arrange a free initial consultation which enables us to meet and assess your dog’s requirements. We ask about your dog’s medical history, temperament, veterinary and emergency contact information.  A working hose is also useful for those dogs that like to play in puddles so that we can leave your dog as clean as possible after its walk. Walk can last from about an hour up to two hours (if your dog is able) with no additional charge.

Q: What time of day do you offer dog walks?

A: During the working week we offer walks in the morning, lunch time and also late afternoon. For walks at weekends (regular clients only) contact us with your requirements.

Q: Where will my dog be walked?

A: We always walk as much as possible where there is no traffic and where the dogs will experience as much exercise as possible i.e. Fields, beach or the woods.  When dogs are walked in groups they use up far more energy than loan walking and they have a far happier walk learning excellent socialisation skills. If your dog needs to be taken to the start of the walk by car we offer a good size vehicle with secure harnesses and crates for added safety.  

Our favourite walks include :-

Q: Does my dog have to stay on a lead?

A: No, we always walk in safe secluded areas away from any traffic. Due to our public liability insurance requirement, all we ask is that you sign an "off the lead" consent form.

Q: How often do I have to use your dog walking service?

A: We offer walks for clients that wish to use us on a weekly basis, whether that be one or seven days a week.

Q: Do I have  to be at home when you collect/drop off our dog?

A: No, as long as the client is happy, prior key holder arrangements are made.

Q: Are you insured?

A: Yes, we have £5,000,000 public liability insurance.

Q: How many clients dogs are walked in a group walk?

A: Although our public liability insurance covers us up to 6 dogs the latest PSPO dictates that no more than 4 dogs can be walked together in the Fareham area.